Additional Backgrounds – New!

Yesterday we launched the ability to change page backgrounds.  There are several different background that can be selected and applied to a particular page or to the entire project.

Look for the “backgrounds” button in the toolbar near the bottom of the application near the “add text” icon. 

 backgrounds button

When you click on the button a window will open up that will allow you to select from several recommended and other backgrounds.  These backgrounds can be applied to the page you are on or to the entire project.  If you would prefer to not have a background at all just click on the “No background” link.


We hope you find this feature helpful in providing more variety to your books.


2 Responses to Additional Backgrounds – New!

  1. Patricia Blanchard says:

    Just checked out this new feature … pretty cool. I especially like that you can change the look of the entire project at one click. So far so good … I have really enjoyed creating my own special project.

  2. Bev Machado says:

    Just started by book project. It’s a challange but very additive. Am enjoying being with my ancesters.

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