What’s New?

This week we launched several new features that we hope you will find helpful.  Here are details on some of those features.

  • The Ancestry Press tool now scales to the size of your browser.  In the past the tool opened up at a fixed size which caused a couple of problems.  1) For those using lower screen resolutions the tool was being cut off and many didn’t see the navigation page icons at the bottom of the tool.  2) For those using higher resolutions the tool only opened up into a small section of their screen.  Both of these problems have been fixed with this launch.
  • Now you can delete photos you have uploaded through Ancestry Press.  Go to the uploaded photos tab and right click on any of the images that you have uploaded.  A menu will appear where you can select “delete image” to remove that image from the photo tray.  NOTE: If you don’t see the menu you may need to update to the latest version of the flash player 9,0,45,0.
  • We added a new combination tree and now tree pages automatically pull in photos for each person in the tree.  When you auto-create a project you can select from two different family tree formats – a standard pedigree and a combination tree.  The combination tree contains ancestors as well as descendents.  Both trees automatically pull in photos for all the people in the tree if they have been uploaded to Ancestry.com and selected as a primary photos.
  • We have updated the text editing menu bar.  We have updated the text editing menu bar to included several new fonts and the ability to pick from a variety of font colors.  In addition we have added bold, italic and underline icons.
  • You can now edit multiple objects at the same time.  Have you ever wanted to add borders to several images at the same time or to change the font or font size across an entire page?  Well now you can.  When you select multiple objects on a page at the same time by dragging or CTRL-Clicking you will be able to edit them all at once.  For instance, if you select 3 different photos you will be able to scale, rotate, change the color, add a border, etc. to all the photos simultaneously!

Well that’s some of the changes we made in this last release.  Check it out and let us know what you think.


3 Responses to What’s New?

  1. Glenn Lucas says:

    With your new release I can no longer access my projects. It seems to behung up in a loop on “Please wait …Loading page.

    Any idea as to what is wrong?

    Ancestry Press Response– We have fixed several bugs related to this problem and hopefully have already resolved it for you. However there are still some problems that we are working on. In one instance a user changed their router and the problem went away.

  2. Charles Lanphier says:

    Where are the old formats that were in previous versions?

    Those made were much better than the choices offered here.

    What happens to the file that I up load who has access?
    Is it posted anywhere? Why would I want to hide living people?

  3. J Cashman says:

    Some of us want to hide living people. It’s a privacy thing. I’m glad we have that option.

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