Coming Very Soon – Professionally Printed Books!

We have had a lot of interest and many requests for allowing Ancestry Press users to order professionally printed and bound books of their projects.  We are pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of testing this book printing capability.  

It has taken a lot of hard work but we expect to launch this feature within a couple of weeks.  So if you plan on ordering a book you might want to spend the next couple of weeks making any final changes and updates to your projects prior to placing that order.  


2 Responses to Coming Very Soon – Professionally Printed Books!

  1. Jenny Warren says:

    I think the book idea is great, have started to put mine in order to be published how much will it cost for us aussies
    how can I show multiple spouses and their children

  2. Joel Conner says:

    The “Printed Book” sounds great. Will you be able to show us an example & content, color and etc.? I would like to see an example prior to spending the money. Will the pictures be printed on plain paper or photo paper? Feed us more info.. What will be the approx cost? I may need 2-3 copies. I am new but will be working in that direction. Where is the “Beta” copies stored? My computer or yours? Thanks. joel

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